Central Kentucky Outdoors “CKO” is a personalized “White Tail Deer and Turkey Guide Service”, with a passion for guiding both seasoned veterans and first time trophy hunters. Our goal is to guide you to a great Central Kentucky Trophy.

We have many stands in various locations which allow us the ability to relocate hunters to hunt other deer, when needed. CKO is always exploring new properties to add to our existing acreage. While we keep the number of our hunters low, and hunt our properties at a minimum, we will always try to fit in a date that will work for you.

For two years now, we have been feeding mineral pellets during the antler growing season. The experts say it takes three years to show quality results. We use 4S Wildlife Products (20% Pellets, 17% Attractant, and 20% Protein Blocks). In addition to, we ALWAYS put corn and mineral licks out year-round.

At CKO, we strive to bring to each hunt a personal service, whether hunting Trophy Bucks or Long Beards. We want our hunters to leave as friends rather than just clients. We look forward to having you as a new friend.

Thanks for looking! We hope to hunt with you soon!

John Braasch



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